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The Story

The Story

Our 30 years of experience in textile industry has led us to meet millions of people from every part of the world. It has taught and matured us on many human issues such as demand, taste, habit, and consistency. Our heroes have been the people and the emotions that brought us together.

As time flew by with speed and information, we realized the importance of timeless, minimalist pieces. In those lively days, we realized how the comfort needed, when combined with quality fabric and the proper design, could support a person's life. Inspired by the fact that men need a classy look as much as women do, we designed a luxury segment sportswear brand that offers "comfortable elegance" and is preferred all day long.

We have designed a huge labyrinth, which also inspired our logo, offering paths with many options and in fact leaving it up to you to choose. This labyrinth is made up of safe corridors and unique and functional designs. With our eco-friendly approach, recycled materials come to life in our products. We strive for a sustainable future while supporting conscious consumption with the use of quality materials.


We are together on this journey.

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